You might be surprised to learn that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air. This is important for allergy sufferers to remember. If you have allergies, you can be stuck in a difficult position. The inside of your car is contaminated, but you don’t want to roll down the windows because the air outside is full of pollen. So what can you do? Keep your car clean.

How Contaminants Get Inside Your Car

There are essentially three ways that dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens get inside your car. They can come in on your passengers; for example, you might pick up a friend who has a cat. The cat hair sticks to their clothing and then to your car seat.

Pollen and contaminants can also get into your car when you have your windows or sunroof open. Also every time you open your car doors, air rushes in, bringing contaminants with it. Finally, air comes in through your car vents. Whenever you turn on your air conditioning or your heat, it pulls air from the outside. Keeping your car clean can help prevent these natural pollutants from triggering your allergies.

How to Keep It Clean

The first step is to make sure that your car’s air filter is clean. Your car manual will offer a timeline for replacing your filter. If you know how to check your filter, you can make sure that it’s always clean. Your mechanic will also be able to change it for you, and you can have it replaced when you get your oil checked.

Your car cabin air filter filters pollen, dust, bacteria, exhaust, mold spores, and other contaminants from the air coming into your car from the heating or air conditioning. And if you turn on the recirculating air option in your car then it runs your indoor air back through the filter again.

When possible, choose leather upholstery instead of fabric. Pollen and other particles don’t stick to leather, and leather is also easier to wipe down. However, if leather isn’t an option then try to vacuum your car’s interior on a regular basis. Once a week you can run it through a car wash and vacuum the seats, console, and floor mats. Washing your floor mats will help keep dust, hair, and pollen out of your car’s interior as well.

Keep your windows and sun or moon roof closed to keep pollen out. Wash your car on a weekly basis and maintain your car. While you can’t keep all of the pollen and allergens out of your car, a bit of upkeep can help reduce them and their impact on your health.

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