Are you planning a vacation this summer? Taking a break and get-away at a different location is a great way to rejuvenate and get motivated for projects and goals when you return back home. If you’ve been trying to follow an exercise routine at your local fitness center, you don’t have to waste all that hard work while you’re on vacation. There are some simple exercises you can do while on vacation that will help keep your body conditioned for when return to your regular routine.

First, set some different expectations; after all, you’re going on vacation to enjoy some time away! You can still achieve your fitness levels, but be realistic about how much you want to accomplish while still appreciating some relaxing time.

Check ahead – some hotels now have fitness centers built right in. Ask your personal trainer before you leave what types of machines you might use while on the road, or which exercises you know how to do well and can repeat without their supervision.

Pack just a bit for easy workouts. Think of what you’ll be doing, and see how you can incorporate exercise into it. For instance, instead of one large suitcase that you use a luggage rack to transport in and out of the hotel – balance the weight into two suitcases and carry those upstairs yourself. Skip the elevator and use the stairs more frequently, at a quicker-then-normal pace. Packing one small set of dumbbells can give you a great workout if you know the right movements to make for concentrated muscle work. Ask your fitness trainer to show you how before you leave.

Try something different but keep it in moderation and at the right times. You may be staying at a resort that offers the best outdoor activities, but don’t jump into all of them at once. Selectively choose the events that you can build up to more advanced activity. For instance, a casual canoe trip down a lazy river is much different than white-water rafting; but done in the right order of things, you could enjoy both of them during your vacation.

So, while you may have an established exercise routine you follow at your local fitness center, you can still enjoy the healthy benefits of exercising while on vacation and still keeping the time fun. If you have questions, remember that members of Adrian Image Center’s B-Fit 24/7 Fitness Center can always consult with the Certified Personal trainer at B-Fit – we’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals!

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