Winter weather often produces hazardous driving conditions, and we’ve put together some winter car care tips that might be helpful.

Functional tips

Keep your vehicle’s battery fully charged, and make sure the air pressure in your tires is adequate. These are two common areas that people experience problems with during winter. Tires should be rated all-season and have a good amount of tread on each tire.

Driving on ice can be difficult, and often takes practice during the early stages of the winter season. Make sure the braking system is functioning well on your vehicle.

Winter-weight oil works better in some cars, and having the radiator and heater core checked by a qualified mechanic is often recommended when cold weather sets in.

Emergency tips

Sometimes a checklist of common items on the vehicle reduces winter problems later. Make sure the antifreeze levels are adequate, and that there is plenty of washer fluid available in the reservoir. Keep the gas tank filled as much as possible; some people never let their tank go below half-full during the winter.

Make sure the windshield wiper blades are in good condition, and operate well. Check the defrost system to be sure both the windshield and back window are cleared of frost and ice quickly.

Keep an emergency kit in the car – things like an extra blanket, some type of emergency signal, a portable shovel and some salt or sand to use for extra traction under the tires if you find yourself stuck somewhere.

Long-lasting tips

Regular vehicle maintenance, especially during these harsh winter months, will pay off in the end. Small problems that are left unattended often grow into expensive repairs.

All the salt and sand used on the roadways to combat the slippery ice slowly eats away at the body surface and underside of your vehicle. A thorough car wash and surface protectant not only keeps your car looking great, but it also protects it from damaging chemicals this time of year.

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