Moisturizing and tanning can have many benefits for keeping skin healthy and looking young. Learning the best techniques and methods will allow you to get the most out of your routine.

Top Benefits for Regular Moisturizing

Rehydrating dry skin. Water is a vital part of the proper functioning of the skin. The regular application of a moisturizer can help rehydrate the skin.

Anti-aging benefits. Healthy and hydrated skin produces a glow. That glow is what makes your skin look and feel younger. Well-hydrated skin will also show fewer wrinkles.

Changes in skin reactivity and barrier properties. Creating hydrated and healthy skin will help the skin protect itself. Troubled skin will react to the environment and even stress situations. Active moisturizing can help reduce those reactions.

Relieve itching and flaking. Dry, itchy skin makes you want to scratch, and too much scratching can lead to wounds that get infected. Heavy, thick creams will protect the skin and provide the moisture that will reduce the itching and flaking.

To get the most benefits from applying moisturizer, choose a time when you are still damp from your bath or shower. Your skin is already plump with the moisture from the water and adding the moisturizer on top of that will help to lock in the moisture.

Surprising Benefits of Tanning

Regular exposure to the sun in moderate amounts will provide many benefits to the body. This is complete exposure, without sunscreen. Always limit the time in the sun to just a few minutes a day to get the most benefits without the high risks that come with sun exposure.

Increased Vitamin D levels – low Vitamin D levels can cause a multitude of issues in the body. Experts have linked low Vitamin D levels to everything from diabetes, neurological disorders, and skin problems to infections, autoimmune disorders, and kidney problems.

Increased production of nitric oxide. Research has shown that a limited exposure to UV rays can help the body produce the chemicals that work to reduce blood pressure.

Tanning can be one of the methods for combating “winter blue” syndrome. This is a condition caused by the darker days of winter and the fact that most people spend their winter days indoors.

Reduction in skin conditions, like outbreaks of acne, can be accomplished by moderate tanning. Fungal infections are also helped with exposure to the sun.

Most problems from the sun happen when there is overexposure. Sunburns and heavy sun tanning are often the biggest issues.

There are many benefits to moisturizing and tanning regularly. Moisturizing helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Tanning allows the body to produce Vitamin D, which is essential to helping the body fight off illnesses and disease. Tanning on a moderate level also combats skin problems, including acne breakouts.

Learning the benefits of moisturizing and tanning can help you make a plan to include them in your daily routine. Always start with small amounts and work your way up to the place where you will receive the most benefits for your efforts.

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