You’ve Never Experienced a Laundromat Like This

We want your Laundromat visit to be a pleasant one, not a dreaded chore to hate. So, we’ve invested in the best equipment available to save you money, we have an attendant available to assist you, and provide free WiFi to help you pass the time. We work hard to provide what you expect – machines that work, a facility that is always clean, and attendants that are helpful and polite.

Your time matters, so we provide fast, large capacity washers and dryers to make sure the job gets done quickly. The washers have a high-speed extractor built right in, so there’s no extra cost for extracting each load. Our efficient machines cut down on laundry time so you can get out and enjoy your day.

Convenience makes the job easier! You don’t need to rob the kids’ piggy banks to find enough quarters for washday. Our progressive store has card-operated machines, eliminating coin jams and making your life easier. Pay for your laundry with cash, debit, or a credit card.

Our laundromat has been family owned and operated for 50 years, and we’re happy to help you get your weekly wash finished as quickly and economically as possible, so that you have time to enjoy your family and friends.

FabriCare Express Laundry at the Adrian Image Center is open seven days a week, from 7 am to 9 pm, so you can clean your clothes and still enjoy your day!

I recently moved to Adrian, moving from a home with wash/dryer, and after a period of my laundry done by my daughter, I had to decide to do it myself. I dreaded going to a laundromat, but this week, armed with a pocket full of quarters, I decided to go to Image ctr after finding it on the web. I walked in and ask Darrin for assistance. Wow was I surprised, no quarters needed, just a card and the washers/dryers are big efficient. I was done in one hour and I got a deal on dry cleaning. I subsequently went back twice and told Darrin this is fun. A five star operation; no doubt!

Jerry L.

Dry Cleaning for Special Clothes

Washing and drying clothes isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need a dry cleaning service to take care of special fabrics, draperies and quilts. Suede and leather require careful cleaning, and we take care of these items for you, as well as some mending and alteration services.

When you need to look great, rely on our dry cleaning service with convenient hours to drop off and pick up your dry cleaning.