A New Experience in Unlimited Car Washing That’s Great for Your Budget

EZ Car Wash opened in Adrian Michigan because there was a need for a quality car wash at affordable prices. Counting out endless quarters to wash your car is a thing of the past at EZ Car Wash.

You pay one price – an $8 entry fee – to wash as long as you need to for a great car look.

The single-pay pricing gives you access to any of these washing and car detailing systems to improve your car’s cleanliness. And, there is no time limit to restrict your use!

  • Two touch free automatic car wash areas
  • Six self-service car wash bays
  • Vacuums
  • Carpet shampoo machine
  • Air freshener machine
  • Tire air pump
  • Cloth drying towels

All This For Only an $8 Entry Fee!