A New Experience in Unlimited Car Washing That’s Great for Your Budget

EZ Car Wash opened in Adrian Michigan because there was a need for a quality car wash at affordable prices. Counting out endless quarters to wash your car is a thing of the past at EZ Car Wash.

You pay one price – an $9 entry fee – to wash as long as you need to for a great car look.

The single-pay pricing gives you access to any of these washing and car detailing systems to improve your car’s cleanliness. And, there is no time limit to restrict your use!

You Get All This For Only an $9 Entry Fee!

  • Two touch free automatic car wash areas
  • Six self-service car wash bays
  • Vacuums
  • Carpet shampoo machine
  • Air freshener machine
  • Tire air pump
  • Cloth drying towels

What does it mean to “pay one price wash all you want”?

Once you pay to enter the area, press the start button in the self-serve bays and all the wash functions are on.  Keep pushing the start button every 5 minutes and wash all you want.


Does the entry include the automatic wash stations?

Yes. Pull up to the touch-free automatics, push the start button, then follow the menu board in the automatic for instructions.


How much to use the vacuums?

Nothing.  They are included with the entry fee.


Is there someone there to help me?

Yes. The wash is staffed during the busiest part of the day, 7 days a week.


Can I buy car washes as a gift?

Yes. We have wash pass books for sale at a discounted price.  They work just like cash in our entry stations.  These are great for business fleets and gifts.