Seasonal Affective Disorder affects many people as winter sets in, but can indoor tanning help with this problem?

According to WebMD, there are actually two seasonal patterns for SAD, and what is often known as winter depression affects people this time of year. Many believe that the reduced levels of sunlight during the winter months affects the hormones that the brain produces, and SAD can develop. Sometimes this brings about increased fatigue, loss of appetite and loss of concentration, among other things.

Getting out into the natural light on a daily basis can help, so a brisk walk outdoors increases your blood flow, provides fresh oxygen throughout your system, and exposes you to the natural lighting that can make a difference for your day.

But what about those chilly, snowy and blowy days when it may not be safe for a hike around the neighborhood? Many people rely on light therapy to combat the gloominess of SAD, and there are specific light boxes available for purchase.

However, people who use indoor tanning booths or beds on a regular basis throughout the winter not only see the benefits of a tanned glow to their appearance, but the warm lighting for brief, regular periods of time also decreases the symptoms that are often associated with SAD.

Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise will also benefit people who notice winter depression, as well as keeping active within the community or with groups of people you know. Your doctor can determine the best course of action for you if SAD affects you very much, but indoor tanning is an option to bring the sunshine inside during the gloomy winter months!