There’s so much to plan and organize for an upcoming wedding, and deciding on the perfect look is something that many new brides spend hours on. Spray tanning can give your skin just the right amount of sun-kissed glow, without the fear of sunburn from regular outdoor tanning. Here are some tanning tips to consider in preparation for your wedding day.

Not too much

The image of the beautiful bride that you want to see in your wedding photos may take a totally different twist if you show up on your wedding day with a super-dark tan that may seem unnatural for the specific time of year or for your location. A healthy-looking soft glow is better in photos, goes well with white wedding dresses, and gives you a feeling of confidence.

Consider a pre-spray session at least a month prior, so that you know what to expect, and can practice applying your wedding day makeup on your freshly tanned skin. An early, practice spray will also give you and the spray tan technician an opportunity of finding just the right application that will work for you and the image you want for your new hubby and all those photographs.

Think of everyone else

Imagine the photography session of the entire bridal party – how everyone will be lined up for the photos. It might seem odd to see only the bride with glowing skin, while everyone else in the bridal party is looking as white as a ghost from the winter season! Some tanning salons offer special package pricing for wedding parties, and you’d give the bridesmaids and groomsmen something to look forward to prior to the wedding day if they were scheduled for a tan also.

Quality counts

Not all spray tans are created equal – and some could give your skin an orange tint. The automated indoor tanning process used at Fabulous Tan ensures an even application, in a private setting. You don’t need to worry about unnatural streaks or having to endure application from a stranger.

A trained technician will also provide the best advice for pre-spray preparation and post-spray care and conditioning. Most sunless tanning systems recommend a thorough exfoliation of the skin prior to the spray, refraining from getting the skin wet for a certain amount of time right afterwards, and specific moisturizers to help keep the skin hydrated.

Adding spray tanning to your wedding to-do list is something that can make you feel extra-special for your wedding. Plan ahead and prepare for it, and schedule your sessions with Fabulous Tan for a really great look!

By the way – spray tanning can help you look great for any special event coming up! Visit us today to plan your tanning sessions in time for your special day!