Finally, the sunshine breaks through the winter doldrums, and people are looking forward to being outdoors again. Rushing into the warmer seasons takes careful planning if you are new to tanning, so consider these spring tips at getting your tan ready.

Hydrate with Lots of Lotion and Water

No matter where you’re tanning, indoors or outdoors, using lots of lotion to moisturize your skin is essential. Dry, flaky skin can actually make tanning more difficult, so make sure your skin is moist and smooth all over.

Finally, remember to start drinking more water! It will help flush toxins out of your body, making your skin smoother and clearer. Water also helps keep skin subtle, which will make a difference when applying moisturizers, tanning products and makeup.

Start Tanning Indoors First

Start tanning indoors, under supervised, qualified staff who can assist you in determining the right amount of tanning time for your skin type. They will also know how frequently you can visit the tanner, in order to prevent over-exposure.

Remember also that tanning booths and tanning beds have different levels of light, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice about which to use if you are new to indoor tanning. The skin on your eyelids is very thin, and UV light could cause long-term damage to your eyes, so always remember to wear salon-approved eye protection while tanning indoors.

Spray Tanning Jumpstarts the Tan

Consider spray tanning to get started on your tan. It will give you a healthy glow in a short amount of time, and you can gradually work into other tanning routines as you’re ready.

Spray tanning methods have greatly improved, and quality tanning booths now robotically apply the tanning spray, so you don’t have to bare all before a stranger. Remember to exfoliate your skin prior to spray tanning, follow the instructions provided by the tanning technician, and use lots of moisturizer between visits.

Someone who is new to tanning can have great looking skin by following a few simple tips, using caution, and relying on qualified, experienced technicians to guide them. Visit Fabulous Tan today to get started!