Take a break from normal work schedules and visit the beach for some relaxation! But, remember that outdoor tanning safely requires some basic tanning tips in order to protect your skin and your health, especially if you haven’t established a base tan first.

The sun is hot (obviously), but don’t tan during the hottest time of the day. The beach has natural reflectors with the light-colored sand and water, so you’ll get extra exposure just by being there, so don’t pick mid-day to start with. Sitting under an umbrella may protect you from the direct mid-day rays, but remember those rays are reflecting and bouncing off surfaces around you. And, a slightly overcast day can actually let more of the sun’s rays down to your skin, so don’t be fooled by a little cloud cover.

Protect your skin, even if you’ll only be at the beach a short time. One or two hours in the sun to unprotected skin can make you look like a lobster if you have fair skin, or haven’t prepared your skin for the summer sun. Use sun protectors designed for outdoors that are waterproof, and reapply them frequently. If you’re not sure what SPF to buy, ask a tanning specialist for some recommendations.

Protect your eyes – they have to last you a lifetime! Use good quality sunglasses, preferably those with UV protection. Just closing your lids to the sun isn’t protection enough, because the skin is thinner on your eyelids, and can burn quicker, sometimes before you even start noticing the symptoms.

Move around and enjoy activities. A natural tan happens as you are busy doing things outdoors, so enjoy volleyball time on the beach, or at least rotate your tanning positions to have an even appearance to your suntan. Too many people have fallen asleep while tanning outdoors, and have regretted the results afterwards!

Hydrate as much as possible. Moving from a hectic indoor work schedule to an outdoor relaxation period may seem easy, but just being in the sun can sap your energy. Drink lots of water while at the beach, because it can hydrate you faster than energy drinks, soda pop, or other adult beverages that actually can dehydrate you while you drink them!

Moisturize your skin afterwards. Protect your skin and keep it feeling great by keeping it full of moisture. Ask your tanning specialist which ones won’t clog your pores, and remember that there are some moisturizers designed for different purposes.

Visiting the beach can be a fun break from the normal routine, and following a few tanning tips can make the entire event enjoyable, including the days afterwards when you’re showing off your tan!