Now that the Michigan winter is upon us and the sun is setting  earlier in the day, you are probably spending most of your daylight time indoors. You might be missing the feeling of hot sunny summer days and long summer nights. If that’s the case, you may wish to revisit summer with indoor tanning options such as spray tanning. Here are the top 5 reasons to spray tan.

Control and Customization – When you tan with natural sunlight, you have very little control of the final outcome. You will certainly get tan lines, and you may also develop burns from overexposure.

When you spray tan, you have complete control of the results. You are not limited by your natural complexion and so you can customize the color, shade, and location of your tan. The choices are endless; you can choose anything from a light healthy glow to a deep bronze.

All natural – You can choose to spray tan using all-natural ingredients, as well. Many companies follow green guidelines to produce natural tanning products.

No harmful UV rays – One of the biggest risks of tanning in direct sunlight is exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays. With spray tanning, you don’t have to worry about skin cancer or sunburn. The results are safe and controllable.

Ease of use – Spray tanning is much quicker, easier, and safer than spending hours baking in the sun. There are many options to choose from that require very little time or effort.

Lasting results – When tanning using natural sunlight, you have to dedicate time every few days to keep your tan looking good. Spray tanning is quick and easy, and lets you achieve lasting results.

Fabulous Tan at Adrian Image Center has top-quality Norvell Auto Revolution™ spray tan equipment to ensure natural, great-looking results, and is affordable as part of a tanning package or a single visit.

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