Weight Loss Success - Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett

My name is Jonathan, I have tried everything to lose weight in the last six years with no real results. In 2012 I started eating a balanced diet and I was able to lose some weight, after five months I lost about 60 pounds, then I hit a plateau and for a period of about four months I continued the diet but didn’t lose any more weight.

So in January 2013, I decided to combine my diet with an exercise plan and that’s when I was told about Be Fit 24/7 Fitness. The freedom to go workout at any time of day really intrigued me, since I am really a night owl and that’s the time I could workout.

I met with one of the personal trainers at B-Fit who was very informative and helpful. He worked with me to develop a workout plan based on my goals. Also, he had no problem answering all of my questions about the proper ways to do exercises. So I have been coming to work out at B-Fit three days a week and I do a combination of cardio and weight training exercises.

Since signing up in January, I have been able to drop 70 more pounds and am finally at my goal weight. I feel so much better about myself and just feel so much better in general. I am definitely healthier and plan to continue to work with B-Fit 24/7 and my personal trainer. I am excited to keep evolving and maintain this new healthy lifestyle.