There are many controversial topics about the health benefits or risks associated with tanning, but when comparing indoor tanning and outdoor tanning, here are some key points to keep in mind.

Your skin soaks up Vitamin D from the sun, and Vitamin D can help your body and improve your health.

But, too much ultraviolet exposure can be bad for your skin. It’s harder to judge the amount of exposure you’re getting when tanning outdoors, and often people don’t realize they’ve gotten a sunburn until it’s too late. Trying to get a base tan outdoors is risky, because the weather conditions play a huge role in the amount of sun exposure you get.

Indoor tanning salons with qualified technicians can help you regulate the amount of exposure you’re getting, based on your skin type and the results you’re seeing. Start with a safe introduction to indoor tanning, to establish a base tan, and then gradually work up to the tan you desire.

Many people work on a base tan early in the spring, in preparation for the many outdoor activities they enjoy all summer. Indoor tanning is available year-round, so you can start early enough to condition your skin before you’re outdoors for extended periods of time.

When tanning inside, the time spent in a tanning booth or bed is much shorter than the time someone would spend outside to get the same results. And, people see different results, depending on the type of booth or tanning bed they use.

Trained technicians at an indoor tanning salon understand the equipment and the optimum exposure times for the best results. Rely on them to determine the tanning schedule that’s best for you.

The skilled staff of Fabulous Tan at the Adrian Image Center is ready to help you tan carefully, and can help you set the right indoor tanning plan for you to look good all year long!