It’s easier to remember to care for your skin in the summer, partially because more skin shows. In the winter, when you are more apt to wear long sleeves and stay bundled up, you may not be as conscious of how your skin looks and feels. Your skin can look great year-round. Here are some winter skin care tips for a radiant glow.

Moisturize for winter – Each season comes with its own unique weather conditions. This means that the moisturizer you bought in the spring may not be able to handle winter skin issues. Between the cold air outside and the dry heat inside, it’s no wonder that your skin is drier too. Use oil-based moisturizers, often found in night creams. These help by forming a layer of protection on your skin while they moisturize.

Just add water – One of the main reasons your skin is drier in the winter is the low humidity in your environment – cold air outside and warm dry air inside. If your skin is feeling a bit tight or dry, add some moisture back into the air. This can be done in a variety of ways. Using a humidifier is usually the best and quickest way. However, you can just put a pot of water on the stove and let it heat until the water is steaming hot. Another way to do this on a smaller scale is to use a very basic, electric diffuser, which can be used with or without scents.

Food for Thought and Skin – Certain foods can help you fight the ravaging effects of winter and keep your skin healthy. Eat some tomatoes, chickpeas, salmon, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, Iceberg lettuce, green tea, pumpkin, rosemary, thyme, walnuts, apples, and oranges.

Remember the sunscreen –Whether you participate in winter sports or not, don’t forget to use sunscreen. The sun can cause just as much damage in winter as it does in summer. Since you may not feel the heat from the winter sun as you do in the summer, you may not notice the signs of sunburn. When possible, use a winter sunscreen that contains a moisturizer.

Winter skin care presents some unique challenges, but following a few tips will give your skin a great look that will brighten your day!

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